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This short, informational article is going into the in-trays of all smokers. These are smokers that just cannot quit smoking at this time. They have tried every trick in the book, from sucking on nicotine sweets, being conned into ineffective hypnotic parodies, to slapping so-called nicotine patches on their arms or bums and then becoming nauseously sick in the process. Many long-suffering smokers have by now heard of electronic cigarette smoking and have witnessed a minority of brave and trendy men and women puffing contemplatively on their spanking new ‘cigarette holders’.

They are still not sure whether or not they should give this new trend a try. Questions beckon always for the scared or tentative. Will I be able to continue to experience the same sensations as I had been experiencing all along while smoking tobacco, is one of those typical questions being asked. Tentative smokers should take a little extra time and trouble to read how the e juice solution is designed and manufactured.

Then and only then will they find the answers to all the questions they were looking for. Here is the answer to that one question that was asked in this short article. Yes, the same or similar esthetic effects of traditional smoking will be enjoyed by smokers who convert to e-cigarette or pipe smoking. It must be mentioned that as with trying out all new things, it will take time for the lungs to adjust. That is because far less nicotine, a necessary evil that remains an addictive substance for the smoker, will be consumed.

So, in this sense, it can be argued that e juice is far more preferable to commercial tobacco in that it should greatly reduce the risks done through the practice of smoking.  

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