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Sticky post Having the best compressor pedal in town is music to the ears of avid guitarists

This informational article, a short but effective one by online standards, is more motivational than anything else. It seeks to motivate both budding and avid guitarists who might be in need of a new compressor pedal for their specific musical practice sessions and compositional requirements. Bear in mind too, of course, and experienced guitarists already know this, that, much like the favored or preferred guitar, left-handed or tradional, having the best compressor pedal in town does not necessarily have to be brand new.

Like guitars in general, and most other musical instruments and their necessary or enabling appurtenances, these implements can be quite pricy. Also, it seems to be hard to find a specialist trader locally these days. But the internet remains a consumer’s boom, including for musicians and beginners wishing to learn new crafts through experimentation and some dedicated practice sessions. Ideally, beginning guitarists should not be spending a fortune on their first guitar and compressor pedal at this stage.

This also means that they do not necessarily need to source the best-known or best branded compressor pedals on the market. For now just the basics to do with reverb, delay and distortion should be adequate. But in any case, the compressor pedal will serve more advanced purposes and experimentations equally well. Experienced guitarists can be superstitious and rather possessive of their existing instruments.

best compressor pedal

This is mainly because they have become accustomed to certain customary effects that their long-held compressor pedal has helped them to produce. Beginners, on the other hand, should note that a compressor pedal affords them with many musical prospects provided they are prepared to practice regularly and with great dedication to their foreseeable craft.